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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Tranzila system secure? How ?

In the development of Tranzila , priority was given to security.
The connection to Tranzila server is encoded via the SSL protocol
and the system confirms that the request comes from the dealer site's IP.

The access to the Tranzila system is secured on three levels :

1. Router Firewall
2. Server Firewall
3. The Transaction Server itself is not connected directly to the internet.
    Instead, access to the Transaction Server is made through a separate web
    server that receives and processes the transaction requests.
    Even if the security systems were compromised, the hackers cannot
    access the Transaction Server via the Internet.

Q: When will the credit card be charged ?
     When does the money arrive in my bank account?

These details depend on your agreement with the credit card companies.
The Tranzila system does not influence the credit charge dates.

Q: Is the transaction automatic or can it be done manually as well ?

There is a possibility for site owner to tune the system to automatic transactions,
so that every purchase will be checked and charged immediately.
The system is also flexible to allow for manual transaction, for site owners to check
inventory and/or check the order details before the transaction is made.
In each aspect, it is site's owner choice and control.

Q: What is the certainty of a transaction deal ?

Tranzila differs from other transaction systems, like "Caspit" which normally
checks only the mistaken or blocked card files in the credit card companies.
Tranzila will transfer every order through a thorough system of checking and
confirmation, not just the mistaken/blocked lists.

The mistaken/blocked list is used by Tranzila as a backup system in the event that
the communication to the credit card company has blocked the transaction.

Q: What type of credit cards does Tranzila work with?

Isracard, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express, Visa (local and international) and Diners Club.

Can Tranzila handle credit card transactions made in payments or credit?

Yes, in the event that the credit card company approves the transaction method,
you will be able to make credit/payment transactions.

Can refunds of transactions be made by Tranzila ?

For security reasons, refunds can be made through the system only with the approval
of Interspace. This element has a special rate.

When a transaction is denied, is it possible to get information about the problem ?

In the case of a denied transaction, a code from the credit card company is sent
to indicate the problem, which can be relayed to the customer.

Is Tranzila ? responsible for verifying the details of the deal
and for confirming the transactions?

It is important to emphasize that the Tranzila system is only a communication bridge used to
send and receive information between the credit card companies and the dealer.
The Tranzila system is not responsible for verifying or approving transactions.

How is the daily report received?

The standard daily report is sent by e-mail.
The system is also able to present this report to the interface manager on the web.

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