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TRANZILA introduces an on-line unique security application that identifies and certifies TRANZILA's merchants. Web visitors can now know for sure that they are purchasing their goods and services directly from the TRANZILA's merchant's website while being secured from spoofing or other hoax.

The TRANZILA VERIFIED system will check and identify in real time the permissions of the merchant's website and merchant's account. Upon verification, the system generates a dynamic seal by a special technology. This seal is being created on-the-fly per merchant account and can not just simply be copied.

This unique system provides another layer of security designed to combat the growing problem of on-line frauds. Although growing rapidly, on-line sales could have grown much faster if it wasn't for the user's fear of being victimized to on-line frauds. TRANZILA VERIFIED enhances your website credibility by assuring the Internet users who's website is this. Users will know for sure whom are they doing business with.

Integrating the seal to your website is fast and easy but may work only for registered TRANZILA merchants. The seal indicated the server time and your company's name. Clicking on the seal will take you to the merchant's profile's page as registered on the credit cards company.

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