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TRANZILA offers a wide variety of features for merchants who wish to sell products and services over the Internet and require secure electronic payments. For these merchants, TRANZILA provides a complete, end to end, real time suite of payment solution.

TRANZILA has developed secure advanced IP based technologies upon which it provides highly competitive processing solutions for websites payment, call center payment, Web Hosting/ISP recurring billing, and e-shops billing and invoicing.
The system allows for multilayered administration with restrictive reporting options, thus, making the service uniquely valuable for multi branched businesses, roaming sales forces, or headquarters and subsidiaries.


Internet Transaction Processing
Payment by credit cards is the most common method of payment on the Internet. The web user completes and submits a secured form with his credit card information which is passed on to the merchants server. TRANZILA allows for on-line credit card processing and instant transaction confirmation. The system automates the confirmation process. In few seconds TRANZILA approves or rejects the credit card transaction and credits the merchants account.

Virtual Terminal
  1. The Virtual Terminal, which can be coupled with a payment gateway account, or as a stand alone solution, allows you to manually authorize mail order and telephone sales credit card transactions. Payment gateways are more flexible than physical terminals because they allow to the Virtual Terminal via an Internet connection from any location. Our virtual terminal solution can be integrated with a keyboard based credit card swipe for easy input and physical confirmation at POS. It is enhance by extensive payments and verification options.
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Our payment gateway systems can include our proprietary fraud detection solution in addition to the Card Verification Value (CVV) service and the 3Dsecure technology. Within the management of your payment gateway interface you also control the fraud detection, CVV and 3d secure systems:
  1. Fraud detection Our fraud detection option is a unique system that provides each merchant with the ability to customize filter settings to match individual business needs and control how the payment gateway handles suspicious transactions. Each merchant can asses their own transaction risks parameter and decide upon an acceptable threshold for accepting transaction. Our set of filters and tools help the merchants to identify potentially fraudulent transactions while strengthening the security and reliability of their payment gateway account.
  2. CVV - This is the Visa/MasterCard system involving a 3-digit number printed on the back of the credit card near the signature. It is used during authorization where the credit card is not present.
  3. TRANZILA features an advanced, integrated 3D Secure MPI solution for Verified by Visa and Secure Code transactions. Through its service as described in TRANZILA provides an easy to integrate, service based, Merchant Plug-In (MPI) for external gateways and processors.
Recurring Billing
The recurring Billing feature allows merchants to automatically charge customers on a recurring basis. It is used by merchants that need to charge on regularly scheduled payments, such as dues for membership services or monthly installment payments.

Invoice Issuing
TRANZILA enables merchants to automatically issue and distribute invoices. Through convenient web based interface, the merchant controls the look and feel of the invoices which will be generated and e mailed to the client, as soon as the transaction confirmation is being received.

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