Tranzila Clearing #1
A smart payment solution for your business
  • All payment solutions for your business
  • Increase the percentage of successful charges
  • Minimize manual work
  • Open markets and recruit new customers
  • Add Clearing from a business management software
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Tranzila E-Commerce
Hundreds of millions are buying online
Why not buy from your business?
  • Interface to any popular web store
  • Mini virtual store
  • Landing pages with payment option
  • Integration of clearing form on your site
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Tranzila Clearing for Business
We'll do everything to make your business succeed!
  • Close accompaniment in the stages of building the solution
  • Technical support for users and developers
  • Simple and clear user interfaces
  • A quick human response and a listening ear
  • Technological innovation and continuous improvement
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Tranzila - All INclusive
Instead of working with multiple vendors!
  • Clearing from a mobile phone and laptop
  • Online clearing from a page or website
  • Automatic invoices by email
  • Cash register in the cloud
  • EMV Clearing Device
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Payment Solutions for Businesses is Tranzila

Advantages of Tranzila
Smartphone clearing application for free
Smartphone clearing application for free
Free application for every customer - both for Android and iPhone. Operations of debit, credit, viewing transactions, and more. Option to connect an EMV credit card reader using Bluetooth technology.

Automatic invoices - digitally signed
Automatic invoices - digitally signed
Production of digitally signed invoices for email, with the execution of a credit card transaction, PayPal or bank direct debit. Possibility to generate invoices manually for cash or cheque. Invoice system approved by the Income Tax Authority.
Data security
Data security
Your payments are in good hands! Comprehensive data security for receiving payments. PCI DSS LEVEL-1 standard and SSL encryption to the most stringent standards of international credit card companies.

Clearing Page
Landing pages with payment option
Mobile adjusted designed page with payment option by credit card or PayPal. Online sale of a product or service. Possibility of multiple products in a mini virtual store. Also used to send a payment request to the customer by e-mail.
Additional Payment Methods: PayPal & Account Billing Permissions
Full integration for receiving payments also from PayPal, including automatic invoice generation. Charging customers also via bank direct debit (bank clearing center).

Online clearing from anywhere
Receiving payments from anywhere
A payment solution that grows with your business needs. It allows clearing of credit from a mobile phone, from an independent clearing terminal, from any computer and tablet, from management software, virtual store in e-commerce, and more.
Tokenization service
Tokenization service
Saving of credit card numbers that are encrypted in accordance with PCI DSS LEVEL 1. A solution for recurring charges and making a credit, without the need to re-type the card number, so enabling the management of subscribers and debit cycle.
Innovative and friendly user interface
Innovative user interface
Innovative user interface adapted to mobile phones. Graphic dashboard with payment data, credits, failure percentages and their reasons, and more. Convenient and friendly online operation of the system.

High availability technical support
High availability technical support
We believe that our right to exist depends on the level of service and support, care, availability and listening to our customers' needs. Support and service is in our DNA!

Our customers say

Sharon Biton, CFO: "As an international company, we have been looking for a local clearing solution to charge our community members in Israel.

Clearing solutions from abroad have a problem in providing high success rates in clearing credit cards in Israel. Tranzila gave us the best response with customer service and close technical support.

We certainly use also a token module for recurring charges, without the need to keep credit card numbers."


Yaniv Kimchi recommends: "As the owner of a boutique winery, it's important for me to make sure that my customers' shopping experience is excellent.

The winery's cash register is managed by Tranzila's cash register solution directly from the laptop.

In the launches and events I hold at the winery during the year, I sell wines through a mobile terminal for the physical credit card clearing.

When I wanted to expand my clientele, I was offered by Tranzila to use a virtual store solution for the online sale of wines on the Internet.

I easily defined the products I wanted to sell, I uploaded a picture for each product, and now I sell and send the winery products to any destination, around the country and worldwide.


Ruti Harush, a fashion designer recommends: "For many years, I was conservative and did not accept credit cards at the store.

Today, I know that accepting credit cards as an additional method of payment, has significantly increased sales and also the average sales value.

I use the clearing in the iTranzila mobile application and also the dashboard interface, which is essential and excellent for monitoring and control.

A few months ago, I set out with my first attempts at e-commerce, selling through Tranzila's "mini virtual store," and I was surprised to find that customers were excited about the new sales channel.

Today, it is absolutely clear to me that e-commerce for Sheva Catom will be a growth engine for sales in Israel and abroad."

sheva catom
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