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The Virtual Terminal, which is included with every payment gateway account, or as a stand alone solution, allows you to manually authorize and capture mail order and telesales credit card transactions. Payment gateways are more flexible than physical terminals because you can access your Virtual Terminal via an Internet connection from any location, at any time. TRANZILA's virtual terminal solution can be integrated with keyboard based credit card swipe for easier input and for hands-on confirmation at POS. It is enhanced by extensive payments and verification options.

While credit card transactions are being streamed from one or many point of sale, a unique web control panel interface provides the merchants with real time view of their transactions.

The system allows for multilayered administrative access with restrictive reporting options, thus, making the service uniquely valuable for multi branched businesses, roaming sales forces, or headquarters and subsidiaries. The system securely logs all the transaction history that can be viewed through the web based control panel. The system is rich in search and reporting options, fast navigation and graphic reports

Speed, efficiency and security
The system's response time is immediate. There is no need to wait for a slow dialup responses, like in the old POS systems days. Working with the virtual terminal eliminates paper work and in return, enhances the level of the information security. It can actually save the organizations on administrative work and resources. Accounting, sales, operations and management can all enjoy hands on reporting and thus can better the overall efficiency, while improving service to the end clients.

User friendliness and flexibility
All of the fields in the virtual terminal control panel can be defined to match the merchant's organizational needs. Users can even add their own fields to be recorded with the transactions history.
Transaction records can be exported easily and integrated into other organizational systems.

Laptops and palm-pilots with Internet connectivity can interface with TRANZILA and become a roaming POS, providing mobile sales force and other staff an opportunity to complete the transaction of online payments on the client's premises.

How does it work?
  1. Each merchant gets an access to their virtual terminal, which is actually a secured Internet form. Optionally, each branch or agent can get a unique access to their own form. A credit card swipe reader can be attached to the PC's keyboard and used for easier data input and better verification.
  2. The transaction will be sent to the appropriate credit card company and be processed in real time.
  3. A transaction confirmation or rejection will be displayed on the merchant's screen. The merchant can print a pre-designed voucher and sign his client on it.
  4. The merchant can securely log on to the control panel and view his payments transactions activities. If needed he can also delete or credit transactions.

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